Body Wrench P3R
Boot Camp Burn - Pressure Point Relief


Body Wrench P3R will rock (and roll!) your fitness life. The handheld fitness multi-tool speeds and maximizes the results of workouts through:
  • Body Wrench Warm-ups: Super-effective moves with Body Wrench prepare muscles to work at maximum potential and effectiveness.
  • Body Wrench Strength Moves: A killer strength program developed by a world-class Physical Therapist a an elite professional trainer.
  • Cool-downs: Act as a sort of natural, drug-free steroid-replacement, speeding muscle recovery and enhancing the results of each and every workout.
  • Self Massage: Awesome, feel-good self massage whenever and wherever you want. Just because it feels so great!
Your body will know something has changed by how strong and ready-for-anything it feels. And your eyes will see the results: You've brought the smartest, best-engineered fitness tool in the world and applied it to your body... your life. Nothing else in the fitness world -- except you and your goals -- will stay with you longer. Choose the package that matches your goals -- for the next 60 days... and for life!
  • Down and Final Payments Two Monthly Payments of $45
    1 Body Wrench P3R
    1 Storage Bag
    1 Instructional DVD
    Ready to Ship
    Down and Final Payments

    Two monthly payments of $75

    2 Body Wrench P3Rs
    2 Storage Bags
    1 Instructional DVD
    Ready to Ship
    Recovery Advantage Package 1 Body Wrench P3R
    1 Storage Bag
    1 Instructional DVD
    Ready to Ship
    Total Fitness & Recovery Package 2 Body Wrench P3Rs
    2 Storage Bags
    1 Instructional DVD
    Ready to Ship

Return policy

You have 30 days to return for whatever reason. You'll pay to ship back, but you DO NOT pay a restocking fee. We refund 100% if returned in good condition. This is either the full payment or the 1st of 3 payments, depending on you they paid.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your order prior to the shipping of the product, we will credit back 100% of your charges.


We charge $5 flat for standard shipping inside the United States. If you want overnight, expedited shipping, or shipment to Canada an additional charge will apply.

At this time, we are only able to sell and ship to the United States and Canada.

Customer Service

(877) 923-7376

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Body Wrench, Inc
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